Winning Management: 6 Fail-Safe Strategies for Building High Performance Organizations

Winning Management: 6 Fail-Safe Strategies for Building High Performance Organizations

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Are you tired of slash and burn tactics? Are you fed up with re-engineering, downsizing and other interventions which, at best, only achieve short-term benefits? Or are you ready to build the foundation for a solid high-performance organization that unleashes the power of your most underutilized resource: your people? In short, are you ready to achieve a long-term, sustainable advantage which will force your competitors to play catch-up? If so, this book is for YOU! Especially if you are a CEO, president, or owner of a small to midsize company, or a manager who wants to master cutting edge strategies which will get you promoted, faster!

In one of the most practical management books ever written, Dr. Rinke providesyou with easy to implement, step by step, fail-safe strategies that will enable you to thrive in a rapidly changing, highly competitive, global economy. More specifically, this book shows you how to: build a high-performance team

reduce employeeturnover empower without losing control grow and retain highly qualified people implement reward systems that work build trust coach employees compete on service not on price overcome communication barriers

attain mega-improvements in customer satisfaction build a highly effective learning organization

get team members to love change achieve extraordinary results with ordinary people

plus much, much more! Studies show that only 26% of employees are performing at their full potential. Rinke provides you with hard hitting advice that is guaranteed to result in dramatic improvements. You'll discover secrets from Motorola, Southwest Airlines, Starbucks, Phillips Publishing and many other companies which consistently out-perform, out-produce, and out-sell their competition. Instead of confusing theories, you'll find this book chock-full of practical tips, tools, and strategies which will save you time, money, and aggravation. In short, this book, contains proven management and leadership strategies that will help you build a turned-on, tuned-in, high-performance organization!