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Managing Workplace Stress : A Best Practice Blueprint (CBI Fast Track)

Managing Workplace Stress : A Best Practice Blueprint (CBI Fast Track)

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The facts of workplace stress can be terrifying for businesses large and small: it's likely that 100f your workforce report very low levels of satisfaction with both their jobs and the organisation. 200f your staff will report they have suffered some major life event in the past 3 months and approximately 3% will report levels of mental ill health that are worse than those of psychiatric outpatients receiving clinical treatment for anxiety and depression. 30f annual turnover may be lost, and this is justthe direct costs.

Stress may be widespread through the workforce but it isn't inevitable. The purpose of this book is twofold. To break down the ignorance barrier and then to put forward workable solutions for managing stress at work.

The authors provide an effective framework on which to build appropriate interventions. But this book does not put forward merely reactive measures. It also gives a proactive template for dealing with stress before issues come to a head, helping provide you witha happy, healthy, determined workforce ready to take on the challenges of the modern business environment.

The internationally applicable approach of this book provides an essential stress debrief for line managers and senior executives, as well asstress and workplace healthcare professionals and consultants.