Improving Work Groups : A Practical Manual for Team Building

Improving Work Groups : A Practical Manual for Team Building

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Guidelines and 25 activites designed to build and maintain effective teams!

Aimed at any manager, consultant, or employee responsible for developing effective teams, Improving Work Groups offers a step-by-step system for initiating and evaluating team performance.

You'll discover:

  • What a team really is
  • Why teams should be built
  • How teams are developed
  • Who develops them, and
  • How to measure and improve team effectiveness

    You'll also get 25 activities that cover a wide range of issues concerning team building, such as: setting objectives, analyzing the leadership function, leadership style, team development stages, charting team success, and many more!

    Based on the premise that few teams develop to their full effectivess without a good deal of nuturing, Improving Work Groups brings an element of open, systematic planning and review to the task of team development. Novice or seasoned veteran, you'll find it a valuable tool for developing teams that work together long into the future!