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Business Proverbs: Daily Wisdom for the Workplace

Business Proverbs: Daily Wisdom for the Workplace

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A well-timed question can shake us out of complacency, and a good proverb will help us think, obey, improve, and succeed. Combine these elements with the wisdom of the Bible, focus them for the business community, and you have Business Proverbs.

This uniquely structured book provides everyone in business, from the CEO to the newest employee, with practical wisdom that will increase workplace effectiveness. Each one-page reading includes a poignant question, Scripture, a brief business application, and a verse from Proverbs.

Relevant and timely topics addressed in Business Proverbs include quality of service and product, achieving success, human resource issues, making tough decisions, planning, hiring and firing decisions, working relationships,and much more.

Business Proverbs offers 200 readings, each of which are written adaptations of the radio program with the same name, currently heard on more than 650 radio stations nationwide.