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Adult Dyslexia : A Guide for the Workplace

Adult Dyslexia : A Guide for the Workplace

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Dyslexia is a condition that is widely misunderstood in the world of work.

Adult Dyslexia: A Guide for the Workplace shows why small and large employers should be aware of European laws on anti-discrimination and dyslexia. It provides practical advice on how to identify dyslexics in the workplace, how to create the right environment for them to thrive and how organizations can make the transition from a framework that perceives dyslexia as a problem to one that perceives it as a solution.

Throughout the book, real-life case studies illustrate the points being made and a number of invaluable practical resources are available including an appendix of useful organizations, an adult dyslexia screening check list and a seven-step procedure for counselling adult dyslexics.

Gary Fitzgibbon and Brian O'Connor have varied and extensive experience of both advising organizations on adult dyslexia issues and providing assessment, counselling and training services to adult dyslexics. Their book is an essential resource for disability specialists, occupational psychologists, counsellors, HR managers, teachers/lecturers of adults and importantly, dyslexics and their families.