Employers Reasonable Care Pack: Sexual Harassment Prevention in the Workplace

Employers Reasonable Care Pack: Sexual Harassment Prevention in the Workplace

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The Employers Reasonable Care Pack consists of four components.

Firstly, Sexual Conduct in the Workplace: an employees workbook is a 24 page workbook for all employees. The workbook is designed to educate employees about sexual harassment, as well as, what types of behavior are considered appropriate or inappropriate. The workbook includes a tear-out employee acknowledgment form to document sexual harassment training.

Secondly, The Sexual Harassment Policy Statement is a single page document which clearly states the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions (EEOC) definition of sexual harassment in the workplace, outlines behavior which could be sexual harassment, and provides a comprehensive grievance procedure (a required component of any business sexual harassment policy). The The Sexual Harassment Policy Statement is provided on paper for photocopying and on CD-ROM for printing as many copies as needed.

Thirdly, we have included an 18 x 24 color poster. The poster is designed tobe posted in a prominent location where all employees will have access. It again outlines sexual harassment as defined by the EEOC as well as providing excerpts from Title VII, the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Lastly, we have composed a Managers Dos and Donts. This quick reference guide should be given to every manager. It will help them avoid making potentially costly mistakes when handling incidents of sexual harassment. It will also aid them in creating and maintaining a harassment free workplace.

With this package we believe that you can quickly and efficiently implement a comprehensive sexual harassment policy, educate your employees about sexual harassment, and potentially save yourself and your business from a legal nightmare.