Smart Things to Know About Culture (Smart Things to Know About (Stay Smart!) Series)

Smart Things to Know About Culture (Smart Things to Know About (Stay Smart!) Series)

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Organizational culture is an intangible, yet it can be as pervasive and valuable as any other company asset. Culture influences the dynamics within teams and between individuals, the way business is conducted with suppliers, the public face of the company that customers see, and every other human interaction that takes place inside and outside a business.

While cultural norms are inherently neither good nor bad, they do sometimes outlast their usefulness to the organization. As markets, the economy and the broader society change, Smart organizations have to rethink their goals and their methods if they are to survive.

Donna Deeprose gives you the inside track into understanding the culture and subcultures in your own organization. In Smart Things to Know About Culture she shows how cultural values work, and how best to turn them to your personal and organizational advantage:

What exactly is corporate culture? How and why do people behave they way they do?

What are the values and beliefs that drive behaviour and give rise to other culture expressions?

What are the many ways culture is expressed, including management practices, employee behaviors, communication, celebrations, stories and architecture?

Why does culture matter? What is its impact on you and the organization?

How do you create your own culture of success and seek out better cultures?

How do you go about fixing a dysfunctional culture (without even really trying)? Are you a change agent?

Whether you are a leader (or aspiring leader), manager or individual contributor, the culture of your organisation will affect your career. Smart Things to Know About Culture will give you the tools to understand how you can turn this knowledge into action and power. Watch your company and your career take off!


Q: If culture is resistant to change, why is it that no company seems to have the same culture it did 10 to 20 years ago?

A: Its aparadox. But while everyone agrees thats its hard to purposely change an oraganizational culture, the truth is that cultures are changing all the time, both through evolution and in reaction to cataclysmic events.