Give God the Glory: Called to Be Light in the Workplace

Give God the Glory: Called to Be Light in the Workplace

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Give God the Glory! is the second book is this series of nine. Through the subtitle, Called to be Light in the Workplace, this book challenges its readers to be ‘light’ on their respective job(s) in each of the three phases of career progression: Entry-level (trainee or intern), journey-man level (middle manager), and senior level (executive or mentor). God’s Word ministers how to encourage others at work and influence positive change in the midst of frequently dysfunctional places of employment. Through the lives of Jesus, Dr Martin Luther King, Jr., Evangelist Billy Graham, and many other recognizable and unrecognizable names, excellence in their jobs raised the level of productivity of others. Thus, this book impacts the lives of blue and white collar workers. It is systematically divided into three parts, with three chapters each. Supported by the Scriptures throughout, the central theme of each chapter focuses on specific ways to let our ‘light’ shine and to GiveGod the Glory! while at work everyday.

Overview PART I – The Formative Years…in the beginning 1. Chapter One - Growth Central theme: Be open to learn and grow. 2. Chapter Two - Development Central theme: Develop skills along the way. Neverstop learning. 3. Chapter Three - Maturity Central theme: Responsibility and accountability are measures of maturity.

PART II – The Journeyman Years…from learning to leading 4. Chapter Four – Applying What You Now Know Central theme: Put to practice what you have learned. 5. Chapter Five – Become What You Have Learned Central theme: Cultivate your skills with patience. Be fair and cordial as you progress. 6. Chapter Six – What Makes a Leader? Central theme: Service to others makes you a great leader.

PART III – The Mentoring Years…raising the level of productivity of others 7. Chapter Seven – Be an Inspiration, Not an Obstacle Central theme: Inspire others to excel through your character, work ethic, and integrity. 8. Chapter Eight – Walk by Faith, Not by Sight Central theme: Despite constant change, obstacles and unforeseen challenges, walk by faith. 9. Chapter Nine – Explain What You Mean Central theme: Be a great communicator and eliminate all guesswork. The author concludes with a corporate prayer for all of his readers. Then, Appendix A offers a ‘model’ prayer as a guide for morning devotional.