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Employing Spirituality in the Workplace

Employing Spirituality in the Workplace

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If you have experienced some trauma associated with your work environment; if you are experiencing a specific problem with a co-worker, supervisor or boss; or if you are questioning the career path, which you have chosen, this book may hold information of value for your spiritual growth. Use only that information which feels comfortable to you. Your subconscious will store the rest for future reference. You may find that the information presented serves only as a review. This is true, because we entered this lifetime with all the knowledge required to follow our spiritual path. What is spirituality? Spirituality is not organized religion. It is a very personal relationship, which cannot be dictated by any organized religion. It comes from within. Employing Spirituality within the workplace is an opportunity to recognize your power and to understand the process involved in exchanging your energy with others. If you are not prepared you may experience trauma and chaos. The information contained within thisbook can assist you in preparing to identify and follow your path and to incorporate spirituality into your corporate life.