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50 Ways to Teach Your Learner

50 Ways to Teach Your Learner

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Practical Exercises + Active Theory = TEAM SUCCESS! Some books show you how to structure experiential learning. Other books give you a showcase of experiential initiatives. Few books have effectively combined experiential theory and practice. Until now! Ed Rose assembles a framework for learning-by-doing; then he gives you active, practical exercises you'll use right away. In the past, you've had to struggle to encourage active participation. First, you stumbled through developing your own training design. Then you waded through game books to find one with suitably dynamic, practical exercises. Now everything you need is in a single source. An active framework complemented by active initiatives -- 50 Ways to Teach Your Learner has everything you need! Rose enables you to:
  • Evaluate team-development needs
  • Build an environment of trust and recognition
  • Encourage adaptability and readiness for change
  • Use simple and inexpensive props with maximum effect
  • Conduct successful post-exercise debriefs . . . and much more!