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The Psychology and Management of Workplace Diversity

The Psychology and Management of Workplace Diversity

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Immigration and globalization, combined with new civil rights laws and changes in public opinion have resulted in vastly increased workplace diversity in the last half-century. The Psychology and Management of Workplace Diversity represents a timely addition to current offerings on this growing sub-discipline. The chapters, written by prominent scholars chosen for their expertise in specific domains, provide sophisticated and comprehensive views of the challenges and opportunities that diversity poses for organizations, their leaders, and their members.

The book begins by outlining the demographic forces and legal developments that create the environment in which diversity management is needed. It then presents a series of models that describe and explain the processes involved and examines how diversity has, does, and should work with respect to a series of dimensions, including gender, race or ethnicity, age, disability, obesity, sexual orientation, and social class. The volume concludes with an extended view that provides guidance on how organizations can change to become more multiculturally inclusive, describes diversity management around the globe, and suggests some strategies for managing diversity. Each chapter presents additional, sometimes controversial, issues in boxes to provoke thought and discussion.