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TQM Facilitator's Guide

TQM Facilitator's Guide

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In this competitive age, the need for qualified facilitators is constantly growing. A facilitator is a mediator and a negotiator, an organizational development consultant and process observer, a statistician and TQM expert, and an agent for positive change within an organization. A facilitator trains and educates, builds successful teams, and solves problems by listening and communicating well with others.The TQM Facilitator's Guide is for those interested in becoming facilitators and those who want to improve their present facilitation skills. It gives clearly defined standards on the role of a facilitator in an institutional organization and elaborates upon the characteristics of effective facilitators-flexible, constructive individuals who enjoy working with people. It also classifies facilitators into three distinct performance levels: Facilitator I for highly performing teams, Facilitator II for non-performing teams and Facilitator III for an organization's most critical teams.Both a practical handbook and a self-directed learning workbook, the TQM Facilitator's Guide is packed with interactive exercises and detailed descriptions of the Total Quality Management process and the methods by which facilitators go about initiating one. This book can helpyou transform your currently dysfunctional workplace into a productive, highly functioning environment full of teamwork, understanding and cooperation.