Dynamics of Managing Diversity, The

Dynamics of Managing Diversity, The

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The Dynamics of Managing Diversity:a critical approach takes a fresh approach to the issues of equality and diversity in the world of employment today.

It takes the view that the study of equality now needs to consider not only issues of discrimination, but also the needs of people in relation to their diverse cultures and identities. The text discusses diversity as recognition of the differences and similarities between and among social groups, and how resulting policies must reflect these.

The Dynamics of Managing Diversity offers an integrative approach looking at all the issues surrounding managing equality and diversity in the workplace. Equality and diversity are treated as mutually reinforcing, rather than competitive concepts. Topics explored are firmly placed within the organizational and labour market framework and examined from a sociological perspective. The text draws on European examples and countries which have made a significant contribution to managing equality and diversity.

Divided into two parts, the following topics are addressed:

Contexts and Concepts: background settings; the social contexts, the labour market, theoretical concepts and diversity, equality and discrimination issues at the level of the organization.
Policy and Practice: looks at the role of the State and EU, trade unions, employer policy approaches and a comparative view of policy examples within a European context.

Original approach: equality and diversity are treated as mutually reinforcing rather than competitive concepts
Accessible style which allows for easy explanation of complex issues
Provides theoretical underpinning and contextualisation within organisational settings