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999 Officer Down

999 Officer Down

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Russ Reiker was a seasoned street cop in Phoenix, Arizona for 21 years. Two months before his planned retirement he was traumatically injured while on duty. He should not have survived, but he did. Chronicling his career with many extraordinary and remarkable incidents, this story culminates with the intensely personal moments preceding and during his impending death - memories that have, until now, been shared with only a few very special people. Russ Reiker?s tragic story is closely mirrored throughoutby the circumstances leading to the death of one of his closest friends, and fellow officer. During the worst shoot-out in the history of the Phoenix Police Department, he was killed on almost the same date and time of day Russ? career would end. Their close friendship is the subject of continual laughs, tears, anger, fear and, at times, outrage, but more often humility and pride. Forever changed by the funeral of his friend, Russ Reiker could never go back to being the cop he was.