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The Electronic Lynching in the Workplace

The Electronic Lynching in the Workplace

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For seventeen years, Anthony Box has quietly accepted the overt racism, humiliation, degradation, and harassment that have been directed at him by fellow employees, supervisors, and upper-level management. He was determined to live the lessons taught tohim by his grandmother: not lowering himself to the level of the ignorant, being a better person than those who taunt and aggravate him, and turning the other cheek when abuse is directed his way.

NO MORE! He is fighting back, for himself and for all employees who have been intimidated, demeaned, and debased by this airplane controls manufacturing company. With scrupulous detail his shocking story blows the lid off rampant corruption in a small industrial city in which people only want to do an honest day’s work and then go home and spend time with their families without fear.

Powerful and incredible, The Electronic Lynching in the Workplace will have you shaking your head that such abuses of power could still occur in the modern workplace.