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Workplace Learning & Performance Roles: The Evaluator

Workplace Learning & Performance Roles: The Evaluator

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This book is an outgrowth of "ASTD Models for Workplace Learning and Performance." It is a self-study job aid for the workplace learning and performance (WLP) practitioner that describes the competencies essential to success in the WLP field and contains information about the practitioner's roles as evaluator. By definition, the role of the evaluator is to assess the changes made, the actions taken, the results achieved, and the impact experienced, and apprise participants and stakeholders accordingly.Note that the term role should not be confused with job title. In WLP a role is a part that the practitioner plays in the human performance improvement process.

The Evaluator consists of both a book and an accompanying CD-ROM that is designed to enhance and test your knowledge. Read the written material first, then use the CD-ROM to assess what you have learned from the text, assess your competencies, and identify actions you can take to help build those competencies.