Windows on the Workplace: Computers, Jobs, and the Organization of Office Work

Windows on the Workplace: Computers, Jobs, and the Organization of Office Work

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"A valuable contribution to public policy debates concerning the workplace of the future and the nature and implications of the 'information economy.'"
—Choice (of the first edition)

In this eye-opening book, Joan Greenbaum tells thestory of changes in management policies, work organization, and the design of office information systems from the 1950s to the present. She describes the impact of new technologies on the organization of working life with a keen awareness of the social forces that seek to benefit from them, showing how the process is driven by the needs of capitalist profit and control over the workforce rather than the good of society or greater efficiency.

Windows on the Workplace takes as its starting-point the experience of office workers and their own accounts of it. The book includes interviews with a wide range of workers, including young people entering a workplace in which the expectation of stable, long-term employment has all but disappeared. Greenbaum's approach is to locate their experiences and expectations within broader social and economic patterns, and to show how these patterns are constantly changing.

In a field that is constantly changing, this book captures the moment and clarifies the direction in which it is moving. It exposes the myth that technological advance and free market economics are creating a better future for all, and reveals the reality behind the myth.