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In Action: Developing High-Performance Work Teams, Volume 2

In Action: Developing High-Performance Work Teams, Volume 2

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Volume 2 takes up where Volume 1 left off in presenting an interior view of work teams as they have struggled to become high-performance teams. It is designed for the practitioner who wants to see real-life examples of team implementation. Human resource development (HRD) professionals, trainers, organization development (OD) practitioners, managers, supervisors, design teams, team members, and consultants will find Developing High-Performance Work Teams, Volume 2, valuable because it covers a wide range of team issues and discusses specific interventions.

In general, this book presents success stories. However, the 13 case studies are from the real world, and so they describe some aspects of teaming that failed. Through examining these strugglesalong with those methods that proved successful, you will find a variety of approaches and tools from which to choose in implementing powerful teams in your own organization. While there are basic principles in developing high-performance work teams interwoven in these cases, the details of each intervention are unique to the culture of each organzation. Although you can't exactly duplicate another organization's implementation strategy, these cases can help you to avoid some problems and to apply methods and techniques that have been successful at other organizations.