The "Make It Happen" Journey

The "Make It Happen" Journey

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The "Make It Happen" Journey: Changing The Corporate Mindless Robot Factory Into A Corporate "Make It Happen" Adventure Land defines "Make It Happen" Team Values that will universally help companies revolutionize their cultures, service, morale, performance, leadership, and work force.

The "Make It Happen" Team Values described in the book provide a compass for corporate leaders in any company to chart a new course that leads to successfully fulfilling their organization’s vision and mission. Plus, the book will motivate and inspire people to approach work with enthusiasm and passion for the services and products they create.

People who desire more from work than just a job with a paycheck can embark upon a "Make It Happen" Journey with their company or team that changes:

· Status Quo into Dynamic Flow

· Past Focus into Future Focus

· Pity Parties into Possibility Parties

· Management Irresponsibility into Management Accountability

· Gossip Proliferation into Gossip Eradication

· Peer Competition into Self Competition

· Failure through Fear into Success through Failure

· Mandated Directions into Goal Centered Expectations

· Service Bureaucracy into Service Enthusiasm

· Meaningless Work Life into Principled Life Service.

Read The "Make It Happen" Journey to learn how you and your company can create a "Make It Happen" adventure that turns ordinary performance into extraordinary performance, everyday!