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Workplace Spanish for City & County Government

Workplace Spanish for City & County Government

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Learn to communicate simply, but effectively, with Spanish-speaking citizens, workers and contractors in day-to-day situations! It’s easier than you think – no grammar, no alphabet to memorize, no rules to study. You don’t need to learn "the entire language" to be effective - just learn key phrases and terms specifically used by City and County Government employees in your daily work environment.

Workplace Spanish® for City & County Government has been created from training classes conducted for the growing cities of Atlanta and Alpharetta, Georgia. This is the same program being used by colleges to teach government employees in Wichita, Kansas; Clayton County, Georgia; Chandler, Arizona; and other locations across the US.

Our quick-reference manual contains more than 450 key terms and phrases, divided into useful topics which meet daily communication needs. You’ll master Spanish pronunciation and be able to engage in short conversations focusing on greeting and identifying people, serving citizens and assisting them with licenses, payments, applications and forms; dealing with water leaks, street repairs, and other specific city services. The book also features a practical quiz section called Drills for Skills, as well as a helpful alphabetical keyword list for easy reference.

The one-hour audio CD covers all phrases covered in the book, plus pronunciation tips and suggestions on how to learn more quickly. The CD features both a native Spanish speaker and anon-fluent, yet accurate English speaker repeating the terms and phrases.