Lifetime Encyclopedia Of Letters, Third Edition, With Cd-Rom

Lifetime Encyclopedia Of Letters, Third Edition, With Cd-Rom

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With over 1 million copies sold, this classic letter writing resource is now available with CD-ROM, making composing the perfect letter quicker and easier than ever. Covering 625 distinct categories, this hands-on guide provides nearly a thousand ready-to-use letters for every conceivable situation--from seeking out new business to collecting debts to extending congratulations. To compose the perfect letter in a snap, all a stymied writer needs to do is find the appropriate topic in the index, read thebrief lead-in comments, and follow the blueprint. Now including a CD-ROM for the first time in this third edition, adapting model missives are even quicker, freeing writers from the tedious task of re-keying. This targeted, user-friendly collection includes expertly crafted letters for: •

Requesting favors, from a deadline extension to an extended stay with a relative. •

Saying "no," politely but firmly, to sundry pleas, demands, and invitations. •

Selling and fund-raising to getbottom-line results. •

Seeking employment, and reprimanding and terminating employees. •

Making and responding to complaints with impact. For writers determined to draft from scratch, author Harold Meyer offers crash courses in "How to Do It," with step-by-step outlines, interest-arousing openers, and clincher closers for each letter group. Sweeping in scope and eminently useful, Lifetime Encyclopedia of Letters is the ultimate reference for writing it right, whatever the occasion.