How to Make the Most out of Every Media Appearance

How to Make the Most out of Every Media Appearance

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Tips for saying the right things when the cameras are rolling and the reporters are taking notes

In today's media-saturated business arena, "good press" is vital for everything from proactive public relations to post-disaster damage control. One wrong move, or slip of the tongue, can be fatal. How to Make the Most Out of Every Media Appearanceshows anyone how to face the public through the media, and represent his or her business or industry with poise, confidence, and the abilityto deliver a positive message without being sidetracked or distracted.

Written by George Merlis, an Emmy-awardwinning network television producer and top media trainer, this situation-specific book is filled with fascinating examples of how to saythe right--and wrong--thing. It outlines a step-by-step program for:

  • Defining a message and making it media-friendly
  • Understanding what a media outlet is really looking for
  • Concisely and accurately delivering a message--and no more