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How to Say It Style Guide

How to Say It Style Guide

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Instant answers for composing perfect prose

Providing quick and succinct solutions to the most common writing problems, this perfect companion to the How to Say It® series gives readers all the information they need to write powerful and persuasive prose.

The book begins with a brief introductory chapter covering 18 rules every writer must know, from organizing your thoughts and finding the best word for the purpose at hand, to being consistent and the importance of revising and rewriting. It then offers an A-Z listing of important terms and concise answers to the questions users may have in the course of business or personal writing. Included also is a section on troublesome words and phrases covering commonly misspelled words, tips for deciding between similar words (that/which, capital/capitol, bring/take), and suggestions for writing more concisely and to the point. Key words throughout direct readers to common problems and a helpful index makes finding answers easy.

Written in a concise and accessible style, How to Say It® Style Guide is an indispensable reference to finding the right words and composing lucid, convincing writing for any situation.