Brain Power: Maximize Communication and Cognition for Your Business Success

Brain Power: Maximize Communication and Cognition for Your Business Success

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Praise for Brain Power

"Shannon has brilliantly distilled cutting-edge theories on management, brain research, and emotional intelligence into a practical model with effective strategies for today’s leadership challenge: how to transform behavior in ourselves and in our organizations that will result in bottom-line effectiveness."
–Luis Calatayud, Administrator
Organization and Training Development, Orlando Utilities Commission

" Brain Power outlines seven powerful principles that bring focus and clarity to our understanding of the power of our brains. With its simple format and clear language, this is a must-read for all who want to better understand themselves and the business world."
–Carlos Giraldo, CEO, Central Reservation Service

" Brain Power will give you insight into tapping into your organization’s greatest asset–your people and their intellectual property."
–Paul Dechen, General Manager, Piezo Technology, Inc.

"Today, success depends on a steady supply of new and creative ideas–you can’t afford to let your thinking get stale. Brain Power will jump start your brain, and teach you practical ways to get over your internal barriers and get on with the fresh, powerful thinking that drives today’s business."
–Molly Machamer, Managing Director, Weber Shandwick Worldwide

"The childhood book The Little Engine That Could tells the story of a train that conquered the mountain because it thought it could. In Brain Power, Shannon Bradford shows how thinking and the power of the brain is the engine needed to conquer mountains of problems. She shows how understanding how the brain works can lead to successful solutions for individuals and organizations in a wide variety of life problems."
–Roger Blackwell, Professor of Marketing, Ohio State University, and author of Customers Rule!

"Shannon Bradford empowers us to take charge of our thinking. Her insightful examples and effective ‘mind’ tools make this a book worth referring to again and again."
–Janice Simcoe, Account Manager, Disney’s Yellow Shoes Creative Group