The Independent Consultant's Brochure and Letter Handbook

The Independent Consultant's Brochure and Letter Handbook

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America's bestselling consulting author shows you how to create letters and brochures that get results!

In The Independent Consultant's Brochure and Letter Handbook, nationally recognized business and consulting authority Herman Holtz gives you expert advice on how to produce letters and brochures that demand attention and get results. Packed with samples that cover virtually every business situation, this unique handbook shows you how to turn your everyday correspondence into effective marketing tools for you and your consulting business. What's more, it will save you countless hours of struggling to write from scratch and leave you free to do more important work.

With the help of the samples in this invaluable reference guide, you'll be able to:

  • Plan, set goals, and devise strategies for all of your general business correspondence, including marketing, sales, and promotional letters
  • Create your own library of letters that can be easily adapted to different situations
  • Write and design different types of brochures—includes tips on when and how to use them
  • Use press releases and newsletters to keep regular clients and attract new ones

Plus, special appendices offer practical advice on copywriting, graphics,proposals, headlines, mailing list brokers, on-line services, and government electronic bulletin board services.