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Business Letters Ready To Go!

Business Letters Ready To Go!

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The written word is as powerful as ever . . . if you know how to use it. Every letter--every piece of written business correspondence--is loaded with tremendous potenial. A well-crafted letter or memo will build your business; a poorly written one can damage it. Correspondence can convince a potential customer to buy a product, develop a long-term relationship with an existing customer, motivate an underachieving employee, or collect payment from a slow-paying account. It can do all this--and a lot more--to help your business run more effectively and efficiently. In today's fast-paced environment, finding the time to choose the right word or phrase to best express yourself is next to impossible. That's why Business Letters Ready to Go! was written--to make your correspondence faster, easier, more effective, and more productive. This comprehensive business-building tool gives you 150 easy-to-use examples of business letters that work, communicating your message powerfully and persuasively. Included are:
  • Sales letters that generate leads, respond to prospects' motivations and needs, handle objections positively, build relationships, and close sales
  • Customer service letters that handle problems courteously and empathetically, tailor your response to your customers' specific needs, keep your customers informed, and help reinforce business relationships
  • Personnel and human resource letters that support and build teamwork by explaining company policy in positive, easily understandableterms
  • Credit and collection letters that get payment without damaging relationships
In addition to sample letters, you'll learn six steps to more effective writing--expert guidance to help you personalize your letters. Anne Bayse is a writer,editor, and communications consultant based in Chicago.