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Cybermeeting: How to Link People and Technology in Your Organization

Cybermeeting: How to Link People and Technology in Your Organization

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Computers are radically changing the way we meet, the way we collaborate, they way we communicate with each other. This breakthrough book takes a look at how cutting-edge computer technologies are transforming our concept of what "meeting" is.

Inaddition, CyberMeeting helps businesspeople avoid the millions of dollars that can be wasted when new "collaborative technology" is introduced without careful consideration of the culture of a company. It's a guide to which technologies are available,which will soon be available, and all the people, corporate culture, and communication issues to consider. The book reveals technologies such as:

** software that schedules the meetings (for 2 people...or 20)
** personal computers with video cameras (for holding meetings with anyone, right from the desktop)
** groupware that simplifies simultaneous work on a project ** meeting centers with full electronic support, including "working walls" that record information from many sources:literal writing on the wall, electronic slates, remote computers, even voice command
** techniques for broadcasting live reports to stakeholders on a meeting's progress and decisions made
** facilities that encourage and take full advantage of those informal meetings (where the best ideas often happen).

For managers, meeting planners, or information technologists CyberMeeting shows how to plan for the near future and manage the transition to cyber collaboration.