The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cold Calling (COMPLETE IDIOT'S GUIDE TO)

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cold Calling (COMPLETE IDIOT'S GUIDE TO)

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Does this sound familiar? "If I can just get in front of more qualified prospects, the rest of the selling process becomes easier. It's just getting in front of them that's the challenge."

You're no idiot, of course. You can talk shop with any customer who enters your store, asks questions over the phone, or seeks out your specific product or service. But when comes to prospecting for new customers, you'd rather have a root canal!

After coaching thousands of salespeople, Keith Rosen, one of America's favorite Sales coaches and trainers, has developed a proven process that anyone could follow to achieve incredible success at attracting more prospects and it's all outlined in his book, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cold Calling .

The fact is, most cold calling efforts are doomed from the start. Salespeople lose sales not due to a lack of effort but because they lack a prospecting system they are comfortable with and can trust that generates greater, consistent results.

Anyone can generate new business and make more money with the right prospecting system. So, if you love to sell but hate (or don't like) to prospect, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cold Calling is your roadmap to cold calling success; showing youexactly how to get in front of the right prospects in less time and create more selling opportunities without the fear, pressure or anxiety associated with cold calling, prospecting or self-promotion. In this guide, you get:

* Tools, templates and strategies to create your own painless prospecting and follow-up system that will attract new prospects-and convert them into sales.
* Advice on how to find the best prospects-and avoid those who aren't qualified.
* Suggestions on coping with rejection, boosting your self confidence, eliminating call reluctance, managing a healthy prospecting mindset, and ensuring prospects will listen to what you have to say.
* Methods for establishing a rapport with prospects, understanding theirneeds, and getting them interested in how your product or service will benefit them.
* The hidden secrets of effective networking and to generating a steady stream of referrals.
* An infallible follow-up system that will keep your name in front of each prospect and protect you from losing sales to your competitors, up until the time they are ready to buy so that you never "Drop the ball" again.

You will also discover how you can:

* Create your MVP (Most Valuable Proposition) that separates you from your competition.
* Craft the compelling reasons that would motivate a prospect to speak with you.
* Prevent and defuse initial objections such as, "I'm not interested," "We don't have any money now" or "Call me back later."
* Develop the right questions and uncover new selling opportunities in seconds so that you can stop wasting precious time on the wrong prospects.
* Compose winning voice mail messages that will ensure more return calls.

So, whether you are an entrepreneur, a business owner, a non-selling professional, a seasoned sales veteran or are just beginning your career in sales, after reading this book you will actually want to prospect!