The Portable Pocket People Meeter: 50 Ways to Meet, Greet, and Communicate

The Portable Pocket People Meeter: 50 Ways to Meet, Greet, and Communicate

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"The Portable Pocket People Meeter" is just that: a book that fits right in your pocket and is your fun-filled guide to meeting people to increase your business, widen your circle of friends, or broaden your horizons. Inside you’ll discover how to instantly connect with someone you’ve just met, remember someone’s name, and discover 50 unique ways to meet people wherever you go, whatever you do. The ideas are based on the premise that you can easily meet people when you’re involved in an activity or you’re doing something you enjoy. When you’re having fun, you relax, and it becomes easier to get know you and those around you. Also, many of the ideas give you an advantage by tipping the odds in your favor, making you the center of attention, and showing you in a strong, favorable, and attractive light.

This easy and simple approach to meeting people is laid out in four sections. The first section covers basic tips on how to establish a connection quickly and make you, and the other person, feel comfortable. It provides tips on icebreakers and how to keep the conversation going once it’s started. The other sections of the book are filled with ways you can meet people. These pages also have generous amounts of white space for you to make notes and jot down your thoughts and experiences.

"The Portable Pocket People Meeter" is ideal for sales people who are seeking new ways to make warm contacts, for MLM individuals who are looking to expand their business, or for those with love in their hearts who are seeking their soulmate. Whether you’re outgoing or shy, meeting people can be an enjoyable experience that broadens your horizons, improves your self image, and makes life more pleasurable.

Here'swhat people are saying about "The Portable Pocket People Meeter":

“A step-by-step guide to making wallflowers bloom.” —Kurt Liptak, News Producer

“This is the How to Win Friends and Influence People for the new millennium!” —Rosella Saltarelli, Training Manager

“An excellent roadmap to zoom you into the fast lane where you’ll meet fascinating people.” —JJ Johnston, Business & Economic Developer