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Wooing & Winning Business : The Foolproof Formula for Making Persuasive Business Presentations

Wooing & Winning Business : The Foolproof Formula for Making Persuasive Business Presentations

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In Wooing & Winning Business, you learn the Speechworks Formula—a foolproof method for creating a listener-centered, persuasive presentation. In a down-to-earth, quick-study format supplemented with dozens of inspirational real-life examples, authors Spring Asher and Wicke Chambers show you how to achieve the results you want. This surefire wooing and winning strategy works for thousands of clients nationwide. Executives at Deloitte & Touche LLP, Holiday Inn Worldwide, UPS, MCI, and Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc. say, "Use the Formula. It works!"

Read Wooing & Winning Business and learn to:

  • Court your listeners by tuning in to their needs
  • Build credibility and customer confidence through storytelling techniques
  • Appear confident in every situation
  • Connect and build a relationship with a listener
  • Use a video camera checklist to ensure that you have all the right moves
  • Handle Q&A's like a pro
  • Create eye-popping visuals
  • Use a team presentation method that wins business
  • Develop seminars that sell
  • Ace a job interview by using the Speechworks Formula
  • Build relationships that build business

Good communication skills are not about perfection, but connection. Learn to achieve the resultsyou want by giving your listener compelling reasons to say "Yes!"

Wooing and winning is a game of persuasion. Whether you are in hot pursuit of a dream client, a hunk of a sales contract, or approval from top management, your success depends on how well you present yourself and your ideas.

Written by the experts at Speechworks, the internationally recognized business communication consulting firm, Wooing & Winning Business arms you with the Speechworks Formula, an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use method for increasing your powers of persuasion a hundredfold. Within days of learning the Speechworks Formula:

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield's HMO enrollments soared from 35% to 72 0.000000or sales executive, Mark Abkemeier
  • Arthur Andersen took a twenty-year client away from a major competitor
  • The construction firm of Robins and Morton landed $100 million in new contracts

You can do it too! These are only three of the dozens of exciting Speechworks success stories you'll readin Wooing & Winning Business. Other inspiring, real-life examples come from such high-profile Speechworks clients as UPS, Georgia-Pacific Corporation, Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc., and Equifax.

Whether you have a crippling fear of speaking before a group or are a passable speaker who wants to be more persuasive, Wooing & Winning Business makes the process easier.

If you want to land the contract, win board approval, or ace the interview, Wooing & Winning Business coaches you in presentation techniques guaranteed to help you convey a sense of self-assurance, and present your case persuasively. In a witty, fun, fast-paced, fill-in-the-blank format, Asher and Chambers assure that you will woo and win business.

Learn the five steps to look and sound like a born leader even when you don't feel like one

  • Organize your thoughts for maximum clarity and impact whether you speak for 30 seconds or

Whether you're pitching to an audience of one or one thousand, this book shows you how to create a persuasive presentation and nail the sale.