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How to Say It: With Your Voice (How to Say It... (Paperback))

How to Say It: With Your Voice (How to Say It... (Paperback))

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In businesses across the board, success or failure is often determined not simply by what we say but how we say it. The voice is our single most important communication tool. It defines who we are and affects how others respond to us. Voice expert Jeffrey Jacobi, who has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and USA Today, now shares his proven strategies for developing a voice with the power to command attention and get respect; a voice that can in a sale, close a deal, impress an employer and motivate people. Chockfull of self-tests, skill-building exercises, and sample speeches, this comprehensive resource gives anyone who speaks on the job the practical tools to send a clear and persuasive message. Step by step, speakers will learnhow to pinpoint and overcome common problems such as "sloppy" pronunciation, "rapid-fire" pace, "child-like" lilt, nasal whine, monotonous tone, and off-putting accents. Then, they'll master the secrets to building vocal strength and variety to keep eachlistener's interest, and speaking before a crowd with poise and confidence. Tony Randall succinctly sums it: "For all of us, each new day is composed of a series of performances. And that means voice-and how we use it. If you ever want to impress, convince, sell, amuse-or have that special someone feel that you're special-I recommend Jeffrey Jacobi's applause-winning How to Say It With Your Voice." Jeffrey Jacobi is a nationally renowned voice coach trained at Juilliard. The director of Jacobi Voice Development, he has worked with executives from the cream of Fortune 500 companies, including AT&T, American Express, DuPont, and IBM, as well as entertainers and public figures. A member of the Speech Communications faculty of New York University, he is alsothe author of The executive Voice Trainer (Prentice Hall). He lives in New York City.