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Start Your Own Seminar Production Business (Entrepreneur Magazine's Start Up)

Start Your Own Seminar Production Business (Entrepreneur Magazine's Start Up)

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Did you ever think you might be able to make money just teaching others what you know? It may surprise you to hear it, but people are willing to pay a lot of money on seminars to learn how to do something faster, cheaper, more easily, or more profitable. Even though it's a young industry, already hundreds of thousands of people a year are paying, or are being sent by their companies, to learn how to do everything from stress management to computer skills, from basic math smarts to super sales techniques. This hands-on guide, compiled by the editors of Entrepreneur magazine, shows you how to plan seminars from start to finish. Here are just a few of the topics covered: How to test-market your subject matter before spending a penny Negotiating techniques for great deals on halls, hotels, and conference rooms How to promote a business with almost no cash investment How to develop and sell tape cassettes of seminars Ingenious public relations tactics that will draw attendees-and profits-like a magnet People who promote seminars are making buckets of money-and so can you! Buy this book, learn its lessons and get in on the action in this booming field.