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Presenting with Style: Advanced Strategies for Superior Presentations

Presenting with Style: Advanced Strategies for Superior Presentations

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Is your presentation style a little on the dull side? When you speak in public, do your audiences exhibit severe symptoms of MEGO (My Eyes Glaze Over)? Do you believe that "Death by PowerPoint" presentations are your only choice? If so, then this bookis for you. First, we’ll ask you to assess your own personal presentation style. Are you an Entertainer? (Do you like to get laughs and applause?) Are you a Professor? (Are you happiest when they’re taking notes and looking enthralled?) Areyou a Preacher? (Do you want your audience to be converted?) Or are you an Orator? (Do you yearn for a standing ovation?) In this book you’ll learn how to build your own preferred style, add some elements from the other styles, and then put together a presentation that will knock the socks off any audience. This book also includes specific techniques for specific kinds of presentations: Sales Presentations, Briefings, Conference Presentations, Keynote Speeches, After-Dinner Talks, Public Hearings,and Instructional Sessions. This book’s premise: You don’t HAVE to be boring!