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Visualization, Presentation, Moderation

Visualization, Presentation, Moderation

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The Long-Seller from the Well-Known Expert on Moderation

Visualization, presentation, and moderation - it is impossible to imagine modern organizations without these working methods. Anyone who has mastered them can
- successfully visualize facts
- properly prepare and confidently give presentations
- organize meetings more effectively
- moderate employee/continuous improvement process
groups in a result-oriented manner
- successfully lead workshops andteam-training sessions

In this three-part book the author has collected together a wealth of rules, tips, and ideas for the closely related areas of visualization, presentation, and moderation, all of which can immediately be put into practice. For lectures, discussions, workshops, and meetings this volume is a working basis, a handbook, and also a compact reference work.

Josef W. Seifert is a qualified educationalist and a specialist in moderation. He is a managing partner ofthe renowned consultancy and training company MODERATION in Bavaria, and author of several books on moderation.