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How to Run a Successful Conference

How to Run a Successful Conference

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So, you've been given a conference to run. Whether it's part of your job or you are a complete novice, you will only get one chance to get it right. It is a "live" event, which cannot be re-run. But don't panic. As with most organizational projects, there is a formula you can use and a sequence you can follow to minimize the risk of failure.
This revised and updated edition of How to Run a Successful Conference gives clear and practical guidance on how to manage, in the right sequence, all those who contribute to the success of a conference, from the service providers to the speakers.
The author gives advice on everything you need to consider, such as:
  • the objectives of your conference;
  • building the budget;
  • finding the right venue;
  • when to bring in the professionals;
  • event management and logistics;
  • organising accommodation;
  • food and drink;
  • going abroad;
  • and using technology.

    You'll also find advice on how to assess the success of your event.