A Handbook of Job Aids

A Handbook of Job Aids

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You can save time and money and improve work performance throughout your organization--with the help of job aids. Job aids make it easier to perform tasks by providing access to information, procedures, policies, and examples. These sources of information make it easier to perform tasks by providing access to information, examples, policies, and procedures. Paired with training and supervisory support, job aids play a key role in introducing new work technologies and systems. The authors clearly instructyou how to create seven job aid formats:
  • step job aids
  • worksheets
  • arrays
  • decision tables
  • flow charts
  • checklists
  • combination job aids.

Learn about every step of job aid implementation:

  • Identifying the problem
  • Choosing the format and the medium
  • Preparing the job aid draft
  • Piloting the job aid
  • Making revisions to the job aid
  • Managing the job aid

With this guide, you will:

  • Establish new and expanded ways of defining job aids
  • Offer approaches that broaden opportunities to employ job aids
  • Present strategies to improve the quality of the job aids that are developed...and much more!

The authors reinforce each job aid with a case study that shows just how the job aid can be used. Without job aids, employees often don't know where to find information. They can waste their own time--and the time of others--seeking answers. With effective job aids in place, employees will stop wondering where to go: the job aids will provide the information they need.

Job aids save huge amounts of time and money. Any trainer or manager seeking to improve organizational effectiveness should look no further-- A Handbook of Job Aids is the most comprehensive job aid source available.