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Careers in Criminology

Careers in Criminology

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Two uniformed officers cautiously approach the barricaded door of a suspected drug kingpin, guns drawn. A forensic psychiatrist interviews a murder suspect to determine if the alleged culprit is competent to stand trial. A bodyguard escorts a movie star through a mad throng at the Cannes Film Festival, carefully scanning the crowd for any suspicious characters. What do these people have in common? They all work in criminology - a fascinating, fast-paced, and continuously growing field.

Covering local, state, federal, and private law enforcement, Careers in Criminology contains essential information on salaries, benefits, qualifications, education, and training for every type of criminal justice career. In candid interviews, law enforcement officers and other criminology professionals reveal the day-to-day realities of criminal justice jobs, and provide advice on how to successfully advance through the ranks. From private investigators to probation officers, FBI agents to U.S. Marshals, this comprehensive job hunter's resource includes everything you need to know to find the perfect career in this exciting field.