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Enhanced Occupational Outlook Handbook (ENHANCED OCCUPATIONAL OUTLOOK HANDBOOK)

Enhanced Occupational Outlook Handbook (ENHANCED OCCUPATIONAL OUTLOOK HANDBOOK)

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* The most useful, current, and comprehensive career reference available!
* More job descriptions than any other book—nearly 8,000!
* Easy to use—organized around the user-friendly structure of the "Occupational Outlook Handbook!"

Readers can find virtually everything under the sun with respect to job descriptions and details in this fifth edition of the "Enhanced Occupational Outlook Handbook." That's because the "EOOH" combines information from the three most authoritative occupational data sources.

Access is easy because the "EOOH" uses the same user-friendly clusters of related jobs as the "Occupational Outlook Handbook," 2004-2005 Edition. The complete, well-written narratives from the "OOH" are included (270+). Then related job descriptions from the government's latest O*NET database (more than 750) are appended to the "OOH" descriptions, as are titles and brief descriptions from the "Dictionary of Occupational Titles" (nearly 7,000).

The result? Readers can easily find current facts for career research and planning that include the latest details on earning, job growth, number of openings, education and skills required, working conditions, employment trends, related personality type, and more.