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Opportunities in Music Careers, Revised Edition

Opportunities in Music Careers, Revised Edition

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" Opportunities in Music Careers is an encyclopedic view of the world of music—pop to classical, performer to management. Its diversity is quite astounding, and a young person in love with music can find a place in the field of his or her choice . . . I hope that [it] becomes required reading for all serious music students.”
--John Corigliano, Composer, Distinguished Professor; Pulitzer prize, Academy Award, and Grammy Award winner

Opportunities in Music Careers explores every facet of occupations within the music industry—from publishing and teaching to composing and performing. In this new edition of an acclaimed career guide, you’ll find helpful contact information for colleges, universities, and professional organizations that support the musical arts. Packed with helpful advice and information from an expert in the field, this book includes realistic information on earnings potential and tips and techniques for planning, surviving, and succeedingin the music industry. This necessary resource--rated “Outstanding” by the National Career Development Association--is a must-have for anyone interested in learning more about and excelling in a career in music.