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Credit Suisse First Boston: The WetFeet Insider Guide

Credit Suisse First Boston: The WetFeet Insider Guide

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Do you want a Wall Street job with some international flair? Then check out Credit Suisse First Boston. With power bases in both New York and London, CSFB is an international banking hybrid operating in 36 countries across six continents. Culturally, thefirm gives employees a wide berth to be creative rather than imposing structure from the top down. So if you want the freedom to try new things and don't mind a less structured workplace, read on.

  • How does CSFB differ from all the otherWall Street firms?
  • What do employees love most and like least about working for CSFB?
  • What's the best way to get a job in one of CSFB's many international offices?
  • What's the firm's summer internship program like?
  • What type of person succeeds at CSFB?
  • What areas of the firm are growing?
  • What hot new developments should job seekers know about?