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Working Well, Living Well: Discover the Career Within You

Working Well, Living Well: Discover the Career Within You

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Whether students have an idea of what they want to do beyond college or no inkling at all, Working Well, Living Well is the ideal book for finding a job that matches their personality and their life. With a new emphasis on wellness in this edition, authors Clarke G. Carney and Cinda Field Wells demonstrate how an assessment of one's skills, interests, and values can lead to a rewarding career - one where students can do what they love and love what they do. From the initial career search to expanding their options once they find the perfect job, this insightful book will help your students every step of the way. Carney and Wells help students discover: · How to gather and assess information on careers · How to integrate the views of their significant others when making occupational choices · How to conduct an effective job campaign · How to adjust to a new work setting Using a life-span framework, the authors demonstrate how career is an integral element in the process of life planning and provide a picture of the skills needed for career success and satisfaction. The new edition offers a focus on current realities, such as the immediacy of the job search, the urgency of student debt, and other complexities.