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Career Planning for Psychiatrists

Career Planning for Psychiatrists

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Residents and medical students thinking about a career in psychiatry, practicing psychiatrists considering a change of specialty, or anyone else facing a career decision needs a comprehensive guide to the various opportunities available to them. Career Planning for Psychiatrists contains the most current and detailed information available about psychiatric specialties and practice settings in the late 1990s. For each area and subspecialty, a recognized leader in that field discusses every aspect of the work. These aspects range from job responsibilities, current day-to-day challenges, and interaction with other professionals to lifestyle issues such as balancing the demands of work with personal priorities and responsibilities. The chapter authors go beyond factual descriptions to relate their feelings about what they particularly enjoy, and what troubles them, about their work. They also describe the unique rewards and pleasures, the prevailing problems and concerns, and the future outlook for their respective fields of specialty.

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