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Self-Managing Your Career: An Interactive Career Workbook

Self-Managing Your Career: An Interactive Career Workbook

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Humanly speaking, no one cares as much about the outcome of your career as you do. But most people don't know how to manage their own career decisions, because no one has ever taught them. Faced with a rapidly changing world of work and a bewildering array of choices and challenges, the average individual stumbles along with a mixture of trial-and-error experience and well-meaning advice from friends and relatives. Sometimes things work out anyway. Often they don't.

Dr. Marlowe C. Embree's new book, Self-Managing Your Career , can help! For a tiny fraction of the cost of individual career counseling, you can have the advice and assistance of a professional career coach available to you at the turn of a page.

This 190-page workbook features 61 interactive exercises that will walk you step by step through every phase of the career self-management process. You won't just be passively reading, but actively exploring your past and building toward your future, with hands-on, practical help in such areas as:

  • Establishing career priorities and goals
  • Developing a life/work mission statement
  • Identifying marketable skills
  • Networking your way into the "hidden job market"
  • Selecting an appropriate resume format
  • Researching a company
  • Preparing for job interviews
  • Negotiating a job offer
  • Managing personal finances

... and much more. Whether you're a first-time entrant into the job market or a seasoned veteran making a midlife career change, this book is an indispensable guide that will help you chart a path to success.