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McKinsey & Co.: The WetFeet.com Insider Guide (Wetfoot.Com Insider Guide)

McKinsey & Co.: The WetFeet.com Insider Guide (Wetfoot.Com Insider Guide)

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Do you want to know what a job in this industry is really like-and do you want to know it quickly? WetFeet has the best research (and writing) team in the business. WetFeet guides are the industry standard--based on thousands of insider interviews and written with humor and skill, our materials are recognized by candidates and companies alike as the insider guide of choice.

So you know McKinsey is the Big Kahuna of all management consulting firms, and the idea of getting an offer from this gold star sends you into dizzy raptures. But you're not quite sure what sets McKinsey apart, or why it is a magnet to so many MBAs and undergrads. Not to fear, WetFeet.com is here with 35+ pages of the most up-to-date and comprehensive information on McKinsey for job seekers that you'll find anywhere. Read our exclusive McKinsey & Company Insider!

In the WetFeet.com Insider on McKinsey &Company, our insiders tell you about life inside the premier management consulting firm. You'll be ready to ace your interviews after reading your Company Insider! You'll learn answers to all of the following questions: * Day-to-day, what's it like to be a McKinsey consultant?* What is McKinsey's "one firm" approach? * What do the 1996 Dallas Cowboys share with McKinsey? * What are McKinsey's hiring plans for the coming year? * What are McKinsey's feelings toward non-traditional candidates? * What types of factors does McKinsey consider in hiring new consultants? * Who are some of McKinsey's illustrious clients? * What are the growth areas for McKinsey? * What do McKinseyites do after leaving The Firm?