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1000 Best Job Hunting Secrets

1000 Best Job Hunting Secrets

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Consisting of 1,000 you-must-have-these, job-winning tips, The 1000 Best Resume Secrets covers the how-to of resume writing, what resumes must contain and the ways to make yours stand out among legions of others. Whether you are hunting for your first job, seeking a better position or planning to rejoin the workforce after raising kids or a mini-retirement, The 1000 Best Resume Secrets can get you the job you want. In twenty-seven chapters, subjects covered include: -- Creating an irresistible resume -- Soccer mom resumes -- Writing an effective resume for flexible work styles -- Knowing the pet peeves of hiring managers and head hunters -- Getting your resume into the right hands -- Knowing the pros and cons of e-resumes and creating your own -- Knowingwhat employers consider resume turn-ons and turn-offs

In addition, the book is filled with numerous sample resumes for every situation you might encounter, plus tips on writing a great cover letter and how to get noticed in today's electronic world. The 1000 Best Resume Secrets will lead you past the landmines and straight to the target-the job you really think would make you happy.