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Managing Operational Risk: 20 Firmwide Best Practice Strategies

Managing Operational Risk: 20 Firmwide Best Practice Strategies

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Managing Operational Risk is the answer for executives and operational risk managers of financial firms who want to establish the best policies for bridling operational risk at a firmwide and enterprise-wide level.

The techniques and practices presented here include:
  • Dynamic risk monitoring and reporting - implement a continuum of data and risk tools for effective identification, assessment, mitigation, and finance;
  • Risk assessment, modeling, and risk-adjusted performance measures - calculate, monitor, and manage the effects of operational losses on firmwide and business unit levels;
  • Operational risk technology and systems - ensure program efficiency by leveraging technology in enterprise-wide data gathering;
  • Market perception - develop a plan and ongoing discipline for protecting corporate integrity and managing crises that may impact a firm's reputation, brand, or franchise;
  • Insurance and risk finance programs - design, evaluate, and fine-tune insurance and developing financial programs for operational risks.
  • 1st edition