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The Irwin Handbook of Telecommunications Management

The Irwin Handbook of Telecommunications Management

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Information and Solutions for Today's Telecommunications Systems

Regardless of your industry, you’ll find James Harry Green’s The Irwin Handbook of Telecommunications Management, Third Edition an authoritative how-to solutions manual for every telecommunications management question. Now comprehensively revised and updated, this classic resource provides hands-on techniques for understanding today's major technological changes -- and incorporating them into your organization's telecom strategy. Covering the entire spectrum of 21st century telecommunications, the Handbook makes it easy to locate, understand, and implement:

* Long-range planning, feasibility analysis, and forecasting
* The selection and management of telecom equipment and services, writing and evaluating responses to RFPs, managing long distance services, and more
* Management of a telecom facility -- including PBX and key telephone equipment, automatic call distributors, voice processing equipment, local area networks and Internets, wide area networks, convergence, and video and audio conferencing equipment
* Specific techniques for effective cost containment
* Telecommunications operations -- from fraud and disaster prevention to project management, quality control, security and more