Start It, Sell It & Make a Mint: 20 Wealth-Creating Secrets for Business Owners

Start It, Sell It & Make a Mint: 20 Wealth-Creating Secrets for Business Owners

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"A clear straightforward guide to wealth creation from a superb role model!"
–Alex Capello
Chairman of Young Presidents Organization

"Duran does a great service to entrepreneurs by distilling into just twenty ‘vital secrets’ each step of creating and deriving wealth from a start-up. His narrative is clear and well supported by detailed personal examples of what he and others have gone through in the process of creating successful start-ups. I consider this book one of the best resources available for aspiring entrepreneurs."
–Andrew M. Isaacs

Executive Director, Management of Technology Program, University of California, Berkeley

"Joe Duran gives great guidance . . . to build value you need to build a path to liquidity, and that means building a solid enterprise."
–Jerome S. Engel
Executive Director, Lester Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley

"A reflective tale by a successful entrepreneur, brimming with insight and good ideas."

–Murray Low, PhD
Director of the Entrepreneurship Program, Columbia Business School

Of the roughly one million businesses started every year, half ofthem fail because of insufficient financing, poor management, or because their owners lack basic entrepreneurial skills. Even those that succeed seldom have a clear exit plan for their business. Start It, Sell It & Make a Mint contains concrete strategies and twenty vital secrets that will enable you to grow, maintain, and eventually sell your business at the highest possible price when you are ready. This book shares real-life insights from dozens of entrepreneurs in a range of industries.