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The Sponsor's Toolkit

The Sponsor's Toolkit

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The gap is growing!

As switched-on sponsors continue to evolve their sponsorship programs, other sponsors are falling behind - not because they are less intelligent, but because their approach and tools have not kept pace with recent big changes in sponsorship. It isn't about awareness or exposure anymore. In an era of unprecedented consumer power, sponsorship is the single most potent marketing tool you have to create and foster relationships and relevance with your target markets.

The Sponsor'sToolkit and the accompanying CD provide a no-nonsense approach to harnessing the power of sponsorship for your brand. The Toolkit thoroughly covers all aspects of sponsorship, providing you with the tools, techniques, resources, and streetwise advice to make your sponsorships really deliver for all of your stakeholders.

Who will benefit from this book? Anyone involved in achieving corporate marketing objectives, including: brand management, marketing, sponsorship, loyalty marketing, information technology, business development, promotions, trade relations, advertising, business-to-business, public relations, corporate affairs, and media.