Leadership Through People Skills

Leadership Through People Skills

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The pioneers of the Dimensional Model for managerial behavior demonstrate how to master skills that boost productivity

Robert Lefton and Victor Buzzotta, cofounders of Psychological Associates, have revolutionized managerial procedure with their Dimensional Model--a behavioral standard that has been adapted and imitated by companies all over the world.

Leadership Through People Skills outlines this model, as the authors explain in detail how people skills work and provideexercises designed to improve them. They also offer strategies for using these skills in the right situations, at the right times, in the right ways with direct reports, peers, and bosses.

Managers will learn how to improve their:

  • Sizing-up skills: interacting effectively through appropriate action
  • Communication skills: strategies for finding out what others are thinking
  • Motivational skills: giving people a compelling reason to do their best
  • Adaptive skills: fitting actions to the people for whom they are intended